We are a student-run science magazine that publishes semiannual issues, showcasing a broad range of articles which include original research articles, review articles, and editorials.

In the coming 2011 – 2012 school year, we hope to publish three issues, so stay tuned for our updates!

To cultivate a continual passion for the sciences among both students and the community at large through scientific publications.

Our overarching goal is to stimulate interest, involvement, and awareness of science amongst high school students in our community and nation.

We hope that through participation in both the making and reading of our publication, students will be motivated to learn more about, participate in, and become more aware about science.

We provide the educational basis for tomorrow’s scientists and journalists. By joining the Catalyst team, students will greatly enhance their high school experience.


Students in grades 9 through 12 at any school located in the United States are encouraged to submit science articles.

Catalyst gives students an accessible way to showcase their scientific or creative knowledge.  Students can also draw, design, and work with professional computer software.

Through this process, they will learn both collaborative and technical skills and ultimately gain practical experience that will aid them in their future education and career selection process.


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