2012 RIT Young Professionals in Publishing Competition Information

For a list of the works cited and photo credits of all articles, please refer to following:


1.      “Energy Drinks” by Mrudula Bhuvangari

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2. “Chocolate Milk” by Ashley Chen

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3. “Hybrid Fruit” by Andrew Huang

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4. “Ebola” by Nachi Baru

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5. “Dogs & DNA” by Alice Wu

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5. “Oklo” by Anita Kulkarni

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6. “Canary in the Mine” by Stephanie Guo

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“Western Burrowing Owl.” Center for Biological Diversity. Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <;.”




        * The following pictures are properly used with permission from Flickr Creative Commons or other public websites.

 Page 1:

        Test Tubes – Flickr User “BASF – The Chemical Company”

 Page 2 & 3:

        Test tubes – Original photo by Jeffery Wang

        Individual Pictures in test tubes – (please refer to credits below)

 Page 4:

        Can – Flickr User “mpich3”

 Page 5:

        Cup – Flickr User “CGA[AvoidingResourcefulGooglers]”

        Chocolate Milk Drops – Flickr User “mawel”

 Page 6:

        Four parts of the combined fruit (from left to right)

                Flickr User “art siegel”

                Flickr User “greg peverill-conti”

                Flickr User “michael cote”

                Flickr User “domiriel”

 Page 7:

        Blue virus – Flickr User “twenty_questions”

Pages 8 through 11:

        DNA molecule 1 – Flickr User “Ethan Hein”

        DNA molecule 2 – Flickr User “ynse”

        Dog 1 – Flickr User “Pyhooya”

        Dog 2 – Flickr User “Kayintveen”

Page 12 and 13:

        Background Landscape – Flickr User “toddjohnson534”

        Map 1 – Flickr User “SEDACMaps”

        Map 2 – Flickr User “eutrophication&hypoxia”

Page 14 and 15:

        Owl – Flickr User “matt knoth”



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